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LGDC website update...

	Hi all,

	Well, while I am uploading a new set of files, here's a quick update. I
have changed to another of my sites. I am experiencing trouble uploading at
the original one I was using. Please go to:


	you will now have a better idea of the developing format. Rob Kaper's
article is up. I'd ask anyone who submits anything, please give me an email
and/or http address. I'll put it next to the author's name in the article
much like with Rob. You'll see from the Lists section that I have begun
bringing over some of the old site's content.

	Anyone volunteering for a regular column? :) I'll begin mine once I finish
with the initial WAD hurdle...

	A couple of questions to the list:
	- I subscribed a long time ago. Do you simply have to send an empty email,
or should it say 'subscribe' anywhere? I think we need a slightly adjusted
explanation on sub'ing.

	- Who is currently looking at linuxgam@sunsite.auc.dk for complaints? Any
way to get a redirect at sunsite to my mailbox so that I can field those
complaints about the site?

	- Minor Issue(?): (Unless you're a lawyer.) I have modified the copyright
statement somewhat. Is it okay? I assume that the author retains copyright
of his/her article. LGDC retains copyright for site format and graphics,
etc. The statement might not be clear. This might be of greater importance
with code snippets or anything we might put up on the site.

Paul Tiseo