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Re: A request...

At 02:15 PM 5/5/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Problem with the old one was (IMHO), that the colours were confusing. The
>red and green implied a good and bad (or new and old, etc etc) contrast to
>me. Plus, I hate red and green on websites. <g>

	Red and green? When did I use red and green? Hmm, maybe it's because I
left the default link colors to the user's browser. I usually try to leave
things as manipulable on the user's end rather than impose a full set of my
design choices. Learned to do that when I was designing a site for some
people who were colorblind. You'd be surprised at the weird limitations. I
was. Taught me some things...

>On Wed, May 05, 1999 at 04:53:20AM -0700, Johnny Taporg wrote:
>> Actually, I was talking about Paul's old colors -
>> the penguin colors (black/orange/off-white).
>Those were mine, thanks. =)

	I think he was referring to the first incarnation of the webpage design
that *I* did, but I could be wrong. I liek both designs. Since not too many
people hate the "blue theme" and few few disliked the "yellow" theme, I
guess we are better off with the blue one.

	Erwin? <perplexed> I'm sorry but is there some joke I am missing here?
I've gotten used to WAD...

	Anyways, Christian suggested re-use of the old background and I
incorporated it becuase it looked good with my design. Prepare for new
pages at:


	Talk to you all later...

Paul Tiseo