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Re: Maintainers

At 04:12 PM 5/7/99 +0200, you wrote:
>Game Projects            - Rob Kaper
>Tools                    - Bert Peers
>How To Start             - Christian Reiniger
>Press voices, Editorials - <nobody yet>
>Tutorials, Howtos etc    - <nobody yet>
>Website in general       - Paul Tiseo


	I am revisiting this topic. Seems like the sections with <nobody yet> all
fit into the Articles section of the web site. I will divide the page into
subject categories much like the Tools page is divided into SDK types.

	Here's an idea: We could circumvent the need for a person if we use the
mailing list as a "peer review board". Submitted articles (or URLs) can be
posted to this list, and unless anyone objects, I'll put it up. Yes, this
could be a problem to some if we get many submissions, but we can keep the
bandwidth use low if we ask people that can to put the articles on their

	Is this a crazy idea?

Paul Tiseo