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Re: Maintainers

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>>Press voices, Editorials - <nobody yet>
>>Tutorials, Howtos etc    - <nobody yet>

>	I am revisiting this topic. Seems like the sections with <nobody
>yet> all fit into the Articles section of the web site. I will divide the

Nope. The "Press Voices/Editorials/Articles" thing is literaric stuff, like
"What impact does Linux have on the gaming industry?", "Front Page: Free
Software hordes turn Linux into a great gaming system" etc, while the
"Tutorials/HowTos/..." one is technical docs.
Those two should be clearly seperated.

>	Here's an idea: We could circumvent the need for a person if we use the
>mailing list as a "peer review board". Submitted articles (or URLs) can be
>posted to this list, and unless anyone objects, I'll put it up. Yes, this

Should be the best.

>could be a problem to some if we get many submissions, but we can keep the
>bandwidth use low if we ask people that can to put the articles on their

Well, the bandwidth doesn't matter much unless more than about 30 articles
are submitted weekly. And when we reach that point I'll dance around in my
room for at least one hour ;)

>	Is this a crazy idea?

Not at all.


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