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Re: Fwd: Re: Starting the website's look-and-feel :)

At 12:39 AM 5/14/99 +0200, you wrote:
>>	I was thinking of subdividing the 'Articles' section into the various
>>ideas floating about, much like the subdivision in the 'Tools' section.
>>IMHO, I think that the old site suffered from an abundance of options at
>You're somehow right with that, but I still think that technical and
>literary text should be seperated at top level, because they aim at
>different audiences. There's the people looking for help with their
>problems and there's the people inerested in what's going on.

	Hmm. I see your point. Okay. I'll make two general categories out of
'Articles': one still entitled Articles and a new one entitled '

>The free projects are the main force behind the LGDC and one of the main
>LGDC "tasks" is to coordinate them a bit (in fact that was *the* main task
>in the beginning), so they need a prominent place.

	Ah. Okay, one more top-level button entitled 'Free Projects' coming right
up. :)

>>	Send the logs to me. Or have you already? :)
>I had problems uploading them so I sent them by mail. You *should* have
>noticed that (it was a ~ 450 kByte tar.gz ;)
>But it's possible that the mail didn't make it - that as in the middle of
>my ISP troubles.

	No, I didn't get them. I serached through my files. And, not to brag or
anything, but with a cable modem, I actually might not notice a 450Kb file!
Joy of joys! :)

Paul Tiseo