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Re: Fwd: Re: Starting the website's look-and-feel :)

[from a private thread]

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>	I never got this email. I looked back in my pile and didn't see.
>Sorry. I >wasn't ignoring it. :)

That's why I wrote "missed" ;)

>	Anyways, only death or dismemberement would make me disappear...: )	

Or your ISP(s) having problems or, ...
Unfortunately there's too many things that can happen :(

>>I'd follow the "old" categories where possible:
>>Info for developers
>>	Available Tools (SDKs, gfx programs, compilers etc)
>	We have this. Except for compilers. Any other tool catagory I should add
>to the list?

We'll see when we need it.

>>	In Practice (Tutorials & more)
>	I was thinking of subdividing the 'Articles' section into the various
>ideas floating about, much like the subdivision in the 'Tools' section.
>IMHO, I think that the old site suffered from an abundance of options at

You're somehow right with that, but I still think that technical and
literary text should be seperated at top level, because they aim at
different audiences. There's the people looking for help with their
problems and there's the people inerested in what's going on.

>the start. Within the articles section, we can categorize again:
>	- Editorials, Opinion Pieces, Advocacy Articles
>	- Tutorials
>	- Ongoing Example Game Projects
>	- Interviews
>	- Project Management
>	- Regular Columnists (if we get any...)
>>	Examples (example code + comments)
>>	How To Start (Project setup and organization)
>>Free Projects
>	We could put it in 'Links'?

The free projects are the main force behind the LGDC and one of the main
LGDC "tasks" is to coordinate them a bit (in fact that was *the* main task
in the beginning), so they need a prominent place.

>>	News'n'Thoughts (The news archives, Editorials etc. Perhaps this
>>		(editorials etc) should become it own major part ?)
>>	Discussions/Mailing list (ML info, IRC meeting summaries,
>>		collection of generic comments)
>>	Resources (Links)
>	Present.
>>	Background (What are we doing, who are we?)
>>	History (Project evolution; should perhaps just be part of the
>>		Background thing)
>>	Supporters (Sponsors, Hosts etc)
>	Most of the above eventually will go into the People/Site section.

Yes, sounds good. 

>>Don't forget to plan some "news archive" where all the older news is kept.
>	Yes. I haven't added the option for that. My oversight.
>>> * Mailing Lists: We could list a page with means for us 
>>> to exchange ideas. Email lists, irc, etc...
>>Already exists and IMHO doesn't need much more polish. See the Discussions
>	I added them as is from the old site.
>>part. BTW: Most of the old IRC logs are missing in the recovered old site.
>>The PenguinPlay site still should have all of them. I hope I don't forget
>>uploading them for you.
>	Send the logs to me. Or have you already? :)

I had problems uploading them so I sent them by mail. You *should* have
noticed that (it was a ~ 450 kByte tar.gz ;)
But it's possible that the mail didn't make it - that as in the middle of
my ISP troubles.

>>>	* Links: Other sites that would be of interest. All sites
>>>                that are referenced on our site should be included
>>>                here. Perhaps even evaluated and given an LGDC
>>>                "seal-of-approval"
>>I'd only (or primarily) put the links in here that don't fit in the other
>>categories. Otherwise it propably becomes too much...
>	Well, I guess I never anticipated a section for Free Project, thinking
>they could get a News mention (as in "We are looking for people") or an
>Article piece (commentary or interview) with 
>	I saw the Links section as more than just a straight listing of sites. It
>would be a listing of sites with a brief paragraph descrbing why our
>visitors might or should go there. Again, subdivided into topics:

Of course. 

>	- Free Projects
>	- Related Sites
>	- etc.
>>>	* Code Repository: This would really lend itself to a 
>>I'd keep that either in the "Examples" part (the ones with good comments)
>>or on FTP (with some HTML overview, one line per piece of code or so).
>	Yes, ftp links to large piles of source code *of interest to our readers*
>or smaller, commented code in HTML on our site. There a blurry line between
>'Code Repository' and the 'Tutorials' section of 'Articles'.
>>>	* Coding Theory: Articles more about how to code than actual
>>Only very little. There are already many good sites having tons of that
>>generic stuff. We don't want to replicate that.
>	I dumped it.
>>Hmmm, good point. Perhaps as a category int the same corner as the
>>editorials etc? Difficult.
>	Within 'Articles' as I suggest?

Yes, should be best.

>>>usually much too busy.) I myself am considering doing a series for the
>>>newbie...a trials-and-tribulation, journal-type column of my experiences as
>>>I delve into the linux game environment.
>>That's one of the Things I'd really like to see here.
>	Once things cool off with the pace, I definitely will. Most of the info
>out there is written by experts and they often forget just how little the
>newbie knows.
>Paul Tiseo



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