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Re: Maintainers

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>>>	Here's an idea: We could circumvent the need for a person if we use the
>>>mailing list as a "peer review board". Submitted articles (or URLs) can be
>>>posted to this list, and unless anyone objects, I'll put it up. Yes, this
>>Should be the best.
>	I guess we'll need a "submissions" page?

Don't think so. Perhaps a quick list with upcoming articles and interesting
topics to pick for new ones...

>>Well, the bandwidth doesn't matter much unless more than about 30 articles
>>are submitted weekly. And when we reach that point I'll dance around in my
>>room for at least one hour ;)
>	Do you have  a QuickCam? Maybe we should get footage on this event and put
>*it* on the site. (When it happens, of course) :) :)

LOL ;)



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