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Re: Article Idea

Dennis Payne schrieb:

> Now onto my main topic.  How about articles critiquing open source games?
> Kind of like the postmortem of Game Developer's Magazine except instead
> of just commenting on poor or unusual design dicissions(sp?) include patches
> to the program.  Or perhaps just an article on new/changed architecture
> on a project?  Well here's an article that gives some idea of what I'm
> picturing:
>   http://www.identicalsoftware.com/~dulsi/ogs/bobobot.html

Am thinkink is cool.
Looks like it would fit perfectly in the "Game project of the month"

> (Some time ago while the list and web site were inactive, I was thinking
> that an open source game magazine would be interesting.  So I asked some

If we find enough regular writers LGDC can become some kind of magazine.