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Article Idea

There is no index.html on sunsite.  Could someone put up one even if
it's an interim index?

Now onto my main topic.  How about articles critiquing open source games?
Kind of like the postmortem of Game Developer's Magazine except instead
of just commenting on poor or unusual design dicissions(sp?) include patches
to the program.  Or perhaps just an article on new/changed architecture
on a project?  Well here's an article that gives some idea of what I'm
(The article doesn't have enough "meat" to it in my opinion and doesn't
flow as smoothly as I'd like.)
Keep in mind this is a 28.8 modem connection the load time is slow.

(Some time ago while the list and web site were inactive, I was thinking
that an open source game magazine would be interesting.  So I asked some
people more in the know on magazine publishing about how one would do
this.  He gave me advice about what would be needed.  One of those being
that I should have five or so articles written up.  Unfortunately I
never completed that stage.  If you want to see what would have been
the annoucement go to:
I still think the idea has merit but I don't seem to have the time to
devote to it.)

Dennis Payne