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Re: linuxgames.org

Nicholas Lee schrieb:
> >       There are plenty of free redirect services available. However, we're still
> > faced with having to register www.linuxgames.org to someone other than the
> > current owner with InterNIC. Who will cough up the 35$/year fee. Given that
> Maybe some linux vendor might be convinced to donate what is really quite
> a small sum.   Red Hat or VA Research come to mind.

I think coming up with the fee from our own ranks wont be the problem.
The difficult thing (where an organization can really help) is paying
them in time.

> Personally I'd like to assign the domain to one of the non-profit linux
> organisation.  Whether that be Debain or Linux International or who ever.
> With nomial management via some other agreement.

I lean towards this, too. Its IMHO the cleanest and safest solution.

> Just checking the li.org site:
> http://www.li.org/li/grants.shtml
> They have grants for linux develop-ers/ment.  I'm sure they would consider
> $35/year.

Well, if everything fails (incase we decide to have li hold the domain):
Maddog is usually both at CeBIT and the Linux Kongress. Im there too,
so I can track him down and give him some coins ;)