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Re: Article Idea

Rob Kaper wrote:

> >   This could mean php is evil, or that M$' MIBs are hunting
> > anybody not using ASP and silently "removing them", or
> > whatever...  take great care.
> And I just compiled the PHP module together with Apache on my home machine..
> I'm worried!

Keep your voice down !  dammit

> > In any case, I could help here too, if you need php3 coders, yell...
> It's not that we need PHP per se, but I think that were there is a need and
> purpose for dynamic content that PHP is the way to go.
> For example, I have *one* page with lay-out dynamically loading the right
> content files to be included. Handy.

Yeah... I've been messing with ASP and ActiveX (in C++) as well,
I got the impression that ASP is a lot slower, but otoh, I wouldn't know
how you can implement something ActiveX'ish under linux.  So the
disadvantage I see with Php would be that you're stuck with the
in-language features, plus the external bindings it gives you (notably
MySQL), I don't know if and how you can extend the language the
way you can with ASP by writing your own objects to act upon..