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Re: A couple of C++ game-related questions

On Tue, 18 May 1999, Ross M. Meeks wrote:

> You C++ guys out there, could you clear some things up for me?
> First of all, is there an STL implementation for Linux? Or something
> similar? What do you guys do for linked lists? Do you make your own/use
> and old one that you made?

Well, I'm the die-hard home-brew type, and data structures implementation
is somewhat of a style issue as far as I'm concerned...however, there's
only so many times one can implement a hash table, binary search tree, or
linked list before it gets old, and after the concepts are down there's no
need for a custom implementation.

I'm not sure about other compilers, but the GNU tools (pretty much the
only tools used on Linux), specifically g++, implement a decent STL.
Documentation differs depending on where you look, but it's generally
pretty easy to figure out. I use egcs 1.1.2 and have no problems with the
STL objects at all -- priority queues, etc

> Also, I noticed in the Linroids C code, you are making the display
> system portable, but keeping the SVGAlib code in a separate file, right?
> How would you do a similar thing in C++?

I don't think you'd do this differently in C++...

-- snip, snip --
> Thanks and sorry for so many questions <g>, 

I'll leave the rest of the answers to those who know better than I ;)


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