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PHP3, databases and sunsite


	I psent all of last night getting into the details of PHP3 and find it
*very* interesting. I knew about it before, that it was a good server-side
tool, but I never read about it with the intention of using it. Now, I
have. I am going to make templates for the site for which we can use PHP3
to pour in content. If anyone is interested, I'd recommend you look into
FastTemplate, a PHP extension. See:


	I have been communicating with sunsite about setting up a dynamic website
and they seem quite helpful. I have begun database schemas we might need
for site use.

	- The first would be a password-authentication one. I plan on using this
for maintainers only and only for access to forms that would allow direct
access to MySQL article databases via the browser. With the templates, all
one must do is use a form to fill database fields, and voila, section
maintainers can easily add/update/delete.

	- One for articles, news, game projects, etc...

	- Maybe, down the line, if it proves necessary, would be a simple indexing
system for searches. Some indexing engines do not do well with
dynamic-content databases.

	I am currently working out the schema for them and will do work on the
templates. All is well, I haven't been afflicted with the PHP3 curse yet...

	Wait! What's that in the shadows of my closet...


Paul Tiseo