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Re: Article Idea

Dennis Payne wrote:
>> Am thinkink is cool.
>> Looks like it would fit perfectly in the "Game project of the month"
>> thing.
>That one doesn work rather well as a GPotM but I was thinking of

I didn't think of "as GPotM" but rather of "in the context of the GPotM".
You know, When we focus on a particular game project, there would be
several articles such as a story overview, project history or so, perhaps an
interview with the developers etc. A look at the internals with suggestions
for improvement etc would fit neatly in there.

>something a little different than that.  Sort of a neat hack article.
>Something like the hack patches for doom and emulator roms but include
>descriptions of the hows/whys it was done.  Articles such as replacing
>the abuse lisp engine with guile or modifying angband to get monsters
>from MySQL or changing bobobot to do scrolling.  The patches would
>generally be something that is implemented as proof of concept but
>has known flaws or could be something off the wall that the maintainer
>doesn't like.

Ah, ok. I understood it a little differently. 
Such a "cool hack" would of course be a sporadic thing. But it's a good
idea nevertheless :)



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