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Re: linuxgames.org

Paul Anderson wrote:

>> How's the status with linuxgames.org? Do we already have the "power" over
>> it? Paul (Anderson) - you were the one caring about that, right?
>Yup, though ryan hasn't transferred the domain to me yet.  I do think it
>would be a good idea to ponder registering linuxgamedev.org, that way we
>won't have to deal with these difficulties and it'll make more sense
>anyways than linuxgames.org.  TTYL!

Hmm, it should be pretty the same organizational stuff whether we "take
over" linuxgames.org or register our own, so I'd agree with you.
That organizational things worry me a bit however. Someone has to register
the domain under his name, has to pay the fees and stay in contact with
everyone. Not only for the first two years but for many to come. And this
is very difficult to ensure (you all know that ;)



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