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I saw a blurb for your site on linuxgames.com.  I of course immediately
checked your site out.  It looks good.  I like it a lot, I was going to
get around to something like this evenutally(or so I told myself).  I'd
like to help out and maintain the tutorials section.  I have some relevant
skills, too:

<shameless plug>
Linux has been my default boot since 2.0.0

I maintain a tutorials site at http://www.muppetlabs.com/~ben/tutorials/

I've done my share of professional HTML.

I'm a perl dork, and I'm learning c so I can write games, I've made a
couple of minor contributions to giram and the enter3d project.

I've recently been getting the various game engines(SDL, ClanLib, Crystal
Space, etc) in an effort to learn how to use them.

I've also received praise on my technical documentation skills, and I plan
on writing tutorials as I learn how to use the aforementioned engines.
Since I'm not a shit-hot c programmer, the tutorials will be aimed at
others that are trying to learn c and games programming.  

I'm a junior hosting engineer at a web hosting place, I'm familiar with
web server setup, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the server and
</shameless plug>

Anyhow, I'd love to help out and I think I'm a good fit for the job, and I
wanted to say Hi to everyone and that I'm glad that something like this
has come along.

Linux - This will end your Windows session.