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Re: Greetings

At 11:29 AM 5/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I saw a blurb for your site on linuxgames.com.  I of course immediately
>checked your site out.  It looks good.  I like it a lot, I was going to

	You're hired then! :) :)

	Oh wait, I guess I should read the rest...

><shameless plug>
>Anyhow, I'd love to help out and I think I'm a good fit for the job, and I
>wanted to say Hi to everyone and that I'm glad that something like this
>has come along.

	I guess we should sign him up, guys? He's already doing something similar.
It would be interesting to roll what you are doing into a more focused site
like ours. (Our site? Focused? Seems like it may be so...)

	Any naysayers? (I doubt it, but if nobody objects, send me what you want
as your email and URL contacts, and I'll fill you in on the gist of things
over in private email.)

Paul Tiseo