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Re: RFR (Request For Review ;)

Bert Peers wrote:

>Ehm, yeah :)
>Below is a really bad case of nitpicking, dunno if it helps ;)

Sure it does. Somehow ;)

>> If you have your own big server [...] including a tape streamer of at least
>the same size
>same size of what ? probably the hdisk, but there's no mention of it.

The size of the server ;)  You know, these tape boxes with integrated
changer and tape archive...
Perhaps "Tape streamer" is the wrong expression for that.

>> There are quite some organizations provide free projects
>either "that provide" or "providing"

Changed ("providing")

>> Go for simply, classic, readable and not for high-tech state of the art.
>should be "simple" not "simply", but I'd write "readable style and" instead

Changed. ("Go for simple. classic, readable style and not for high-tech
atate of the art")

>> of you keep the "old news
>"if" instead of "of"


>> Also, it will allow your project team to remind all the brilliant conceptial
>> without having to scroll back through mailinglist archives.
>sounds a bit funny.  Either you mean "to be reminded of" or "remember", no ?

Changed ("remember")

>also it's "conceptual" not "conceptial"


>> An HOWTO-Compile document
>"A" Howto


>> people new to the list can retrieve the mails of the past some days
>"of the past few days" sounds better


>> A less common service (offered for example by SunSITE Denmark is the
>forgot a ")" here.  also maybe "as A newsgroup" (further down the line)

Changed (both)

>> explaining ahet CVS is
>"what" I guess :)

ahem. Yes ;+)

>And ehm did I miss the project management tips ? If they're mixed in with the
>regular text, perhaps a "TIP" icon would be nice ? :)

They're still seperate. You *might* have noticed that the link to them
points to a different document ;)
I *think* that's better because these (pmanagement) tips are not
specifically targeted towards project starters. But, hmmm, I'm not so sure
about that anymore.... Comments?


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