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RE: Hi everybody!

On Mon, 24 May 1999, you wrote:
> Yes,
> As a new game devloper, Please post it.  It would be a great help.
> ron c
[original snipped for bandwidth]

yes, please do post it.  I am also looking for a good paper on organizing code
for an object-oriented language (I am using java).  I have made a few programs
with java and swing (one I got paid four figures for) but I am such a hack at
it that planning for the future is pretty much nil in my projects.
That's the kind of stuff I need info on and can never seem to find.
'course it may be that everyone simply has their own idea of how it should be
done ;)
anywayz, I might as well us this to announce my new project for Linux.
Check out the web page at the bottom for an overview.  The site is very minimal
but it gives an overview anyway.
One thing about Mythus.  I just started.  HELP!


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