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Re: Corrected article

> Rick Genter wrote:
>>> Rick Genter wrote:
>>> PS: Are you the Rick Genter of former 5dgames, the one critiquing my PPlay
>>> GUI system plans back then? ;)
>>That's me. I'm planning on bringing my current project to Linux (both
>>LinuxPPC and Intel). Is LibGGI alive and stable, or is SVGALIB the way to go
> LibGGI is alive and stable, but depending on wat you want to do you might
> use something else nevertheless. LibGGI only provides the most basic
> functionality: modesetting basic blits and Framebuffer access. transparency
> blits, advanced vector gfx etc will be provided by libggi2d which still is
> far from complete.
> For 3D gfx Mesa (i.e. OpenGL) is currently the best choice.

It seems like either libggi or svgalib are the way to go for a software
renderer (which AT '41 has), and Mesa is the way to go for hardware.

What is the current status of hardware support via Mesa? I know that 3Dfx
has been supported for a long time, but what about ATI Rage 128 or nVidia
Riva TNT?
Rick Genter
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