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Re: Corrected article

Rick Genter wrote:
>> Rick Genter wrote:
>> PS: Are you the Rick Genter of former 5dgames, the one critiquing my PPlay
>> GUI system plans back then? ;)
>That's me. I'm planning on bringing my current project to Linux (both
>LinuxPPC and Intel). Is LibGGI alive and stable, or is SVGALIB the way to go

LibGGI is alive and stable, but depending on wat you want to do you might
use something else nevertheless. LibGGI only provides the most basic
functionality: modesetting basic blits and Framebuffer access. transparency
blits, advanced vector gfx etc will be provided by libggi2d which still is
far from complete.
For 3D gfx Mesa (i.e. OpenGL) is currently the best choice.



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