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Re: Hi everybody!

This is great, thanks Alexandre!  As for the GCC comments, I'm pretty sure
gcc is what idsoftware uses for quake, quake2, and quake3 arena...
Anybody know for sure, or should I check my facts?

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On Tue, 25 May 1999, Alexandre Courbot wrote:

> Paul Tiseo wrote:
> >         Alexandre,
> > 
> >         After you have corrected it, as per some of the suggestions of members of
> > this group, (consider it peer-review! <grin>) please email it directly to
> > me at: ptiseo@mediaone.net and I will upload it. I will also correct the
> > grammar if you'd like.
> > 
> >         Don't forget to include an email and http link, if you have them.
> > 
> >         Thanks.
> Allright, thanks Paul.
> Can you everybody give me complement and improvments for this tutorial?
> Thanks.
> Alex.