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Re: Hi everybody!

Martin Starch Soerensen wrote:

> I use egcs with linux, and actually thought you were talking about that.
> I have not had that many problems with egcs (of course that would
> depend on the version!). The problems I have had were mostly related to
> problems with exception-handling and use of templates. Of course in the
> more recent versions of egcs most of these problems have been adressed,
> but I just thought that I would object to calling gcc/egcs a "performant"
> compiler when it's not.

Really? For my Crystal Space project (3D engine) we actually use both Visual
C++ and gcc (pgcc in my case which is based on egcs). We find that performance
for both the Visual C++ and pgcc versions of CS is almost the same. Some things
are faster with VC and somethings are faster with pgcc. It seems that pgcc compares
very well with VC.

However you need to give pgcc (and VC as well of course) the right parameters
to optimize to its most potential (this includes enabling the pentium specific
optimizations which are not default and some others).


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