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Re: Hi everybody!

> Ben: Mmmmm perhaps you should check your find ;). I know John Karmack
> uses free software tools and donate to the FSF, but He (with a big 'H')
> rather uses nextstep for his development (that's what I heard). However
> I've compiled doom with gcc and it works great!

This was once true, but they traded in their NeXT machines some time ago.
Besides, NeXT used a variant of gcc, which was I believe the origin of the
objective-C compiler module for gcc. Currently Carmack appears to use
MacOS and NT.

Wolfenstein - Borland Turbo C
Doom - Watcom C
Quake - gcc
Quake II - Microsoft Visual C
Quake III - different compiler for each platform, it seems.

They appear to like changing compiler for each project.