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Re: Hi everybody!

Martin Starch Soerensen wrote:

> I use egcs with linux, and actually thought you were talking about that.
> I have not had that many problems with egcs (of course that would
> depend on the version!). The problems I have had were mostly related to
> problems with exception-handling and use of templates. Of course in the
> more recent versions of egcs most of these problems have been adressed,
> but I just thought that I would object to calling gcc/egcs a "performant"
> compiler when it's not.
> Regards
>         Martin Starch - ClanSoft

You're certainly right. I program in pure C, and I don't use C++
extentions. I know gcc is weak with C++. So let's say GCC is performant
enough for simple C :). I said gcc is "performant" because I compare it
with most DOS/windows tools I've used. Now I look forward for gcc 3.0,
with the egcs contributions. It will sure be a great compiler.