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Re: Hi everybody!

Darel Finkbeiner schrieb:
> Mythus.
> Check out the web page at the bottom for an overview.  The site is very minimal
> but it gives an overview anyway.

Just a note about the site itself: On my screen (1152xsomething I think)
the text starts properly in the white part of the site but at the right
end it passes through the purple part, making reading somewhat hard.

About the game: If you really want to go down to the building level,
spend much time on how to organize the (horrendous amounts of) data. IŽd
recommend having some kind of "context" determining what data is needed
right now (e.g. "galaxy" for general star data only, "system xx" for
system xx and its surroundings and "planet xx" for planet xx and its
And write a good random planet/system generator ;)