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Re: Hi everybody!

Martin Starch Soerensen schrieb:
> > I mean it is reliable, powerfull and fast. Perhaps there's a better word
> > for that?
> > Alex.
> >
> But is this true? In my experience GCC is neither reliable nor powerful.
> In fact it is only fast (at compiling code), but the generated object code
> is inferior to almost any other compiler out there (and if you won't take
> my word for it, take a look at discussions/benchmarks on dejanews from the

With what version of gcc do you have experience? 2.7 was robust, didnīt
generate well-optimized code and had almost no C++ support. 2.8 was a
bit better regarding C++ but its robustness, well...
However the current versions (egcs) do (in my experience) very well in
all regards. 

> past). Apart from the quality of the generated object code, it's template
> support isn't exactly perfect either.

egcs doesnīt know the "export" keyword yet (which is serious, I agree
here), but besides that I donīt know of any greater flaws. Perhaps some
suboptimal optimization of templates, but nothing serious.