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Re: Greetings

At 10:54 AM 5/25/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Yeah, I definately want tutorials that cover linux tools.  IMO, the
>tutorials section needs to have some subsections; graphics libraries,
>sound libraries, controller-specific things(joysticks et al) graphics
>tools, sound tools, I'll probably think of more ;-).  

	I did suggest that previously. It will not only be good, but necessary,
once we have many articles and many tutorials. Right now, the list isn't
what I'd call "lengthy" but it should change quickly. I thought of
splitting it out into a variety of topics, showing the three or four most
recent articles and archiving the rest to a longer list. The page is
actually ready, but not in formal use because it would have too many holes
right now.	

>Okay, what do I do to prepare content for the website for right now?
>Should I grab the tutorials page and start modifying the source and send
>you a new version?  

	Now that the format seems to be well set, I thought I'd send out a
template to the various maintainers. You'd pour the text in, manipulate
till it looks right and send it on to me. I'll give it the once-over and
upload it. In fact, I'll do it now. Expect it in private mail...

>When the form is up and such, how will the form work in terms of the look
>and feel of the 'site?  Do I just paste in the body of the page? I
>haven't done any php3 stuff, but I hear it's not too hard.

	I've been thinking about this php3 stuff. While it seems like a good idea
at first, it does somewhat limit the ability to have a variety of article
formats. Given that I already have a "template" of sorts in which we can
pour article content, most of the work is in the "nudging" of text to fit
the look of the site. 

Paul Tiseo
LGDC's webmaster