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linuxgames.org - Ulterior motives

Okay, so I have an ulterior motive.  Ninjatech.com is planned to be a
games company.  Eventually, someday, sort of thing.  I plan on making
gpl game dev tools and putting them there.  There will be ways of
generating profit, of course, but I want it to work in the spirit of the 
linux community.  So that's not much of an ulterior motive, really... I
just didn't want anybody to be surprised later when the tools came out and
ninjatech became a revenue generating co.  The ninjatech stuff would in no
way compete with a 'site dedicated to linux games development.  As a
matter of fact, the development of the tools and use of them is something
I plan on making tutorials for.

Now that I've let some of my secret plans loose, you can see why I'd be
motivated to provide hosting and deal with internic fees and all that
bs for a game development site, in case you were wondering why I offered.
Linux games are things I'm very into.  :-)

Anyhow, this may make some of you more concerned with me hosting and
having the domain.  If it bothers you, fire me some mail and I will do my
best to address your concerns.

Also, the domain can be set up on one of our shared boxes here as soon as
internic paperwork is filed, meaning that not everyone would get a login 
right away.  My company lets me do free hosting for my own personal stuff
as long as it's under 1Mb/sec, and I'm the admin for the hosting

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