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Re: linuxgames.org

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Paul Tiseo wrote:

> At 03:14 PM 5/25/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >I work at a web hosting place and I can host here, I'd also be more than
> >willing to handle the internic fees indefinately(barring unforseen
> 	Not to question your dedication, :) but I think some people object to a
> single person having ownership of the domain name. If the site loses
> contact with you, then we lose the domain name. I would have offered the
> same myself (minus the hosting contact, you lucky dog!) but stopped short
> seeing the logic in the argument.

Yeah, I understand the concern there.  All I could guarantee was my word
as a linux geek that I would not use the domain for Evil Purposes.  That
may or may not mean anything to anybody except me.  The other thing is
that it would be sorta tied with ninjatech, so at least as long as
ninjatech is around it would be around(ninjatech is my "get paid for doing
stuff I like plan")  So that would give it some longevity.

> 	Presumably, Lokisoft would be around longer than any single one person.

Then again, they're already doing business.  Hmm.  I personally feel a bit
squeamish about asking a corp that I don't know somebody in to deal with

> 	Hell, even that isn't a certainty given the short lifespan of gaming
> companies, right? Hmm, maybe we should consider an "oligarchy" :) of LGDC
> people that could be formed into an entity that is "greater" than the sum
> of the people in it and split the cost. A proper charter would absolve any
> one individual of domain name responsibility. But, not being a legal
> expert, I don't know if there is a way to do this "on the
> cheap"...(Incorporation isn't cheap.)

what does it take to do this sort of thing on an international level?  I'm
no legal expert either.  What would it take to form an international
non-profit organization?  Heh, what do we do?

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> Paul Tiseo
> ptiseo@mediaone.net