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Re: linuxgames.org

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Rob Kaper wrote:

> On Tue, May 25, 1999 at 03:14:39PM -0700, Ben Smith wrote:
> > I work at a web hosting place and I can host here, I'd also be more than
> ...
> > Anybody for or against this?
> Without any distrust in you or your company: it is the exact same situation
> we had with the old domain. So I guess I have my doubts about this.

And the only reason this project is still around, is because of our
current hosts.  Luckly we didn't shift the mailing list to the .org

If and when we are ready to restart the linuxgames.org domain, it's worth
considering that the services offered at sunsite.auc.dk are very good.

Quite simply I would prefer not to shift to an independant tied to one
person server.  It's a shame we can't use the domain with sunsite.auc.dk,
is there any chance of convincing them otherwise?