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Re: linuxgames.org

Nicholas Lee schrieb:
> > Without any distrust in you or your company: it is the exact same situation
> > we had with the old domain. So I guess I have my doubts about this.
> And the only reason this project is still around, is because of our
> current hosts.  Luckly we didn't shift the mailing list to the .org
> domain.
> If and when we are ready to restart the linuxgames.org domain, it's worth
> considering that the services offered at sunsite.auc.dk are very good.
> Quite simply I would prefer not to shift to an independant tied to one
> person server.  It's a shame we can't use the domain with sunsite.auc.dk,
> is there any chance of convincing them otherwise?

I already asked. As far as I understood itīs some kind of general
SunSITE policy not to have virtual hosts etc. But having having a
seperate server that simply redirects everything to sunsite would be