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Re: linuxgames.org

At 12:33 PM 5/26/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I already asked. As far as I understood itīs some kind of general
>SunSITE policy not to have virtual hosts etc. But having having a
>seperate server that simply redirects everything to sunsite would be

	There are plenty of free redirect services available. However, we're still
faced with having to register www.linuxgames.org to someone other than the
current owner with InterNIC. Who will cough up the 35$/year fee. Given that
there is understandable apprehension with leaving with an individual, can
we find some third-party, independent organization willing to foot the bill
for the LGDC? I somehow doubt it. The only other option out I see is to
form a group of some sort with those on the list willing to participate,
spread the cost and not have responsibility devolve to one individual, but
shared by many. (In the true linux spirit.) I have asked this before, but I
get the feeling this would be hard, especially across international boundaries.

	BTW, did the owner of linuxgames.org agree to hand the site name over to
the next-in-charge once we figure it out? Or, do we have to look for
another monicker?

	Maybe we could consider lgdc.linuxgames.com? I noticed Crystal Space is at

Paul Tiseo