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Re: linuxgames.org

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Paul Tiseo wrote:

> 	There are plenty of free redirect services available. However, we're still
> faced with having to register www.linuxgames.org to someone other than the
> current owner with InterNIC. Who will cough up the 35$/year fee. Given that

Maybe some linux vendor might be convinced to donate what is really quite
a small sum.   Red Hat or VA Research come to mind.

> there is understandable apprehension with leaving with an individual, can
> we find some third-party, independent organization willing to foot the bill

Footing the bill and actually owning the domain can be seperate. (If only

Personally I'd like to assign the domain to one of the non-profit linux
organisation.  Whether that be Debain or Linux International or who ever.
With nomial management via some other agreement.

> 	BTW, did the owner of linuxgames.org agree to hand the site name over to
> the next-in-charge once we figure it out? Or, do we have to look for
> another monicker?

I guess we can only ask.

> 	Maybe we could consider lgdc.linuxgames.com? I noticed Crystal Space is at
> crystal.linuxgames.com.

The thing is we aim somewhat at a larger target than the
subdomain.linuxgames.com implies.  Marketing wise it's not a good idea.

Just checking the li.org site:

They have grants for linux develop-ers/ment.  I'm sure they would consider