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Press voices

It seems that I posted this message to the wrong list ... Here it 
comes again.

So, I sent some news links to Paul. I have to admit that I'm a little 
lost in here. What should our line be in collecting the news and 

Some obvious answers could be
- Development tool releases or updates, including compilers, 
graphics, sound, etc.
- All articles and interviews concerning those
- New guides, books and memos for game designing and coding

But then:
- What about game releases (Quake II for Linux etc.)
- What about general discussions about open source or other 
code-publishing-related stuff

Some arguments:
The net is full of magazines telling about new games as soon as the 
announcements arrive. Of course it would be nice to catch up what's 
new for Linux, but I don't think telling about those is our job.

For game coders it would be very important to think about the 
principles of code releasing and using, specially when the coding is 
done in an open source or freeware environment (Linux). Following 
the discussions around the subject belongs (to my opinion) to our 

What do you think? Tell me.