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Re: Press voices

	Sorry for the delay in reply. I am busy these days dealing with real
estate agent as I put a bid on a house...

At 05:15 PM 5/28/99 +0000, you wrote:
>So, I sent some news links to Paul. I have to admit that I'm a little 
>lost in here. What should our line be in collecting the news and 

	It's more than just "harvesting" existing opinion pieces already on the net. 

	We should be focusing on *new* content. I'll admit that is vague. I have
no real idea how to go about recruiting new pieces. One thing that is good
for this section is *interviews*. Start looking around at commercial and
non-commercial projects. Get a feel for what they are doing and then email
them for an interview. The topic has come up before on the list, and once
you have found someone who has agreed to an interview, many people on this
list would be gald to help formualte a list of Qs for you to relay to them.

	Another is one you alluded to: reviews. If you find reviews of programming
books, that would be interesting. Also, we could use original reviews also.
(Do you read much?)

	As to news briefs, I can handle that. I already do that kind of surfing on
a regular basis. It isn't something that goes into the Artciles section.

	Also, don't think that you have to *generate* the content. You are the
maintainer. You organize. It is impossible for Christian or any one person
to do it all. Hopefully, people who want to contribute go to the contacts
list and find the appropriate person to submit their piece to.
>- What about game releases (Quake II for Linux etc.)

	No. As Nicholas Lee alluded to briefly, there are two sites doing that
already: linuxgames.com and linux3d.com. We don't need to duplicate it. I
do post updates in News Briefs for those games where source code is
available. The source code is very educational reading to a game programmer.

>- What about general discussions about open source or other 
>code-publishing-related stuff

	Well, you can guess that that would be of interest too. A developer needs
to have a well-rounded view of his industry.

	I think you're on the right track. Interviews would be a good draw. I
don't quite know how to solicit "opinion pieces" other than asking for them
on our site. 

Paul Tiseo