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Re: Press voices

Anni Hienola wrote:

>So, I sent some news links to Paul. I have to admit that I'm a little 
>lost in here. What should our line be in collecting the news and 
>Some obvious answers could be
>- Development tool releases or updates, including compilers, 
>graphics, sound, etc.
>- All articles and interviews concerning those

Not too much in this direction I'd say. Freshmeat does a pretty good job at
that. I thought more of things like coverings of Loki and the like, 

>- New guides, books and memos for game designing and coding

>But then:
>- What about game releases (Quake II for Linux etc.)

Nope. That's linuxgames.com's job. We're targeted at developers and partly
also at developers' bosses ("Why should we spend time on a port to this
Linux thing?").
I'd say if an article fits these categories it's ok:

* at least related to games
* primarily interesting to developers or developers' bosses
* about some open source thingy. i.e. a game port for a free OS, a game
  released with source, etcetc
  OR about *portable* development

>- What about general discussions about open source or other 
>code-publishing-related stuff

Yes, but not too much I'd say. On the other hand I don't know a site
covering this in great detail, do we just might do it a bit more...



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