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Re: Press voices

> 	We should be focusing on *new* content. I'll admit that is vague. I have
> no real idea how to go about recruiting new pieces. One thing that is good
> for this section is *interviews*. Start looking around at commercial and
> non-commercial projects. Get a feel for what they are doing and then email
> them for an interview. The topic has come up before on the list, and once
> you have found someone who has agreed to an interview, many people on this
> list would be gald to help formualte a list of Qs for you to relay to them.

Ok. I also had the feeling that digging the net ain't gonna be sufficient
for this site. The interview-idea sounds good. I'll get in to it.

> 	Another is one you alluded to: reviews. If you find reviews of programming
> books, that would be interesting. Also, we could use original reviews also.
> (Do you read much?)

I do. And I have read some older books about game programming and
graphics, but they are, as I said, old books. Reviewing the newer
publications has only one problem: money.

In our SciFi club we had a deal with a finnish publisher, how sent us
fantasy and scifi books free for reviewing in our net-magazine. Does
anyone have any connections to the book business that we could use?