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Re: Database

On Mon, 31 May 1999, Philipp G|hring wrote:

> Other idea:
> Make on table Project, where all the SDKs and Game Projects come in,
> and another table relations.
> Because: Some games can be buit upon others too, and some SDKs need others too.
> So you need SDK 1 (XLib) for SDK4 (GGI),

SDK4 will use SDK 1 if it is available and it is recommended that
you have it. You need version x.y or better for the current version
of SDK4, right?

> you need SDK4 for Game Example1,
> and Game4 is based on Game Example1.

Another entry should be the version of the SDK/game -
version 0.666 needs SDK2 v5.6 or better but version 0.667
does not use SDK2 at all ;-)

Well, I think that the version number will be enough.

Tomas Andrle -- tomaasz@iol.cz