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Re: Database

Rob Kaper wrote:

> On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 06:57:54AM +0000, Christian Reiniger wrote:
> I'd like to start using a MySQL database with PHP tags to query it. I though
> this was possible with our current set-up right?
> What info would we want in our database?
> For game projects:
> * Name of project
> * Homepage
> * Description
> * Developer
> * Developer's email
> * Used libs/etc
> I'd like to see a high interlinkability between game projects and the SDK's.
> For example, the detailed Game Project Profile would say: this games uses
> SDK1 and SDK4, while the SDK's would say: this SDK is used by Game1, Game4
> and Game8, all linking to the appropriate profile pages.

Other idea:

Make on table Project, where all the SDKs and Game Projects come in,
and another table relations.
Because: Some games can be buit upon others too, and some SDKs need others too.

So you need SDK 1 (XLib) for SDK4 (GGI),
you need SDK4 for Game Example1,
and Game4 is based on Game Example1.

If you need help with the Database Creation, just reply.