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On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 06:57:54AM +0000, Christian Reiniger wrote:

I'd like to start using a MySQL database with PHP tags to query it. I though
this was possible with our current set-up right?

What info would we want in our database?

For game projects:
* Name of project
* Homepage
* Description
* Developer
* Developer's email
* Used libs/etc

I'd like to see a high interlinkability between game projects and the SDK's.
For example, the detailed Game Project Profile would say: this games uses
SDK1 and SDK4, while the SDK's would say: this SDK is used by Game1, Game4
and Game8, all linking to the appropriate profile pages.

Since the integral, dynamic design would probably be useful throughout the
entire site (news, articles, etc) we probably want to think about the
datadictionary for the database before implementing anything.

I have been brushing up my SQL and PHP for a game I'm writing (sorry,
web-based, so not really LGDC material).. so let's get a database on-line
and query it! =)

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