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about game updates

Title: about game updates
I have watched patiently at the list as the discussion of what news and
game updates should be handled.
So I have a question (mainly because it relates to my game):
- Where should I send information on my game project?  Should I do so
on this list, or is it better posted on the site somewhere?
- I am mainly interested in developing this game and need other people
who can help with parts of it.  The LGDC seems like the best place to
go to find that kind of help, but how do I decide what to do as a new
game developer?  No one in our profession wants to piss off people on a
mailing list.  We all know how it is.  So I put out the question for
those that have projects going that need help, what is the best way, in
the mind of the LGDC people, to announce and recruit using the LGDC?