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Re: How to handle keyboard input

On Tue, May 09, 2000 at 08:12:18AM +0100, Keith Lucas wrote:

> > The problem with missing keyups is due to the modifier
> > keys changing between the keyup and keydown giving you
> > a different character for the keyup and the keydown.

> > Unlike the X11 version the GLUT the Windows version
> > does not provide fully modified key events.  Just
> > capitalization on the shift modifier.  So you don't
> > get the same problem.

> I tag both entries in the keymap, using tolower and toupper on the
> input. That way you can ask if they 'a' key is down or if the 'A' key
> is down or if the KEY_A is down.

> Things like KEY_PAGEUP are set to very low ascii values.

This will work without problem on the quick hack that is the Windows
version of GLUT but on the X11 version you have to worry about the
control key.

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