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Re: Angband development

Dennis Payne wrote:
>As you have seen on www.linuxgames.com Angband recently changed
>maintainers.  I emailed Robert Ruhlmann the new developer and he's
>willing to do an interview for the ldgc.  So I'm going to need some
>question suggestions.

Ok, here are a few:

* Angband is 10 years old, the idea behind it dates back to the 1970s,
people love it and it runs flawlessly. So what's your job as
maintainer? ;)

* Angband has a very large world and loads of items and monsters, and yet
it keeps track of every place the player visited, every item he left
behind and every monster he has encountered [Note: is this correct? I
didn't play very much]. Is this difficult to implement? If not, what do
you think is the reason so few of the "big" games have this feature?

* What's your favourite "modern" game?

Christian Reiniger
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