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Re: Angband development

On Sat, 27 May 2000, Christian Reiniger wrote:

>* Angband has a very large world and loads of items and monsters, and yet
>it keeps track of every place the player visited, every item he left
>behind and every monster he has encountered [Note: is this correct? I
>didn't play very much]. Is this difficult to implement? If not, what do
>you think is the reason so few of the "big" games have this feature?

I think it only keeps track of the objects on one level. One level is not
that big. If you leave a level the stuff left there is lost, and the level
is randomly generated next time you enter it, with new items and monsters.

And a question:

* What more can be added to a textbased game such as Angband, which
already has a lot of depth (unlike modern games)? Are multiplayer
capabilities considered.

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