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Re: Angband development

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> And a question:
> * What more can be added to a textbased game such as Angband, which
> already has a lot of depth (unlike modern games)? Are multiplayer
> capabilities considered.

Well, MAngband(Multiplayer Andbagnd) exists.  It ran a little slow, but that might have been due to the servers.  

Also another good Moria derivative of mine was IMoria
It has subquests, guilds, peoples opinion changes of you, bigger towns, water in the dungeons.  All sorts of good featurtes.  I found most Rogue-like games fun, but actuall lacking in depth.  Come on, going into Rogue-like games, go kill the boss is pretty much it.  At least IMoria adds more things todo(like subquests).

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