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Re: Angband development

On 30 May 2000, Ed Page wrote:

>Also another good Moria derivative of mine was IMoria
>http://members.xoom.com/kertes/index.htm It has subquests, guilds,
>peoples opinion changes of you, bigger towns, water in the dungeons.  
>All sorts of good featurtes.  I found most Rogue-like games fun, but
>actuall lacking in depth.  Come on, going into Rogue-like games, go kill
>the boss is pretty much it.  At least IMoria adds more things todo(like

<rant mode="ironic">
"Go kill the boss"... Of course it can be simplified to that. But then,
every game can be simplified to something like that. :-) At least there is
a lot to do while pursuing the ultimate mission. All modern games have a
lot less depth than the average Rogue-like game. Especially if you don't
look at the multiplayer facilities. What would Q3 be without multiplayer?
A brutally simple kill-the-boss game with pretty gfx and no depth...

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