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Re: Angband development

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> On 30 May 2000, Ed Page wrote:
> >Also another good Moria derivative of mine was IMoria
> >http://members.xoom.com/kertes/index.htm It has subquests, guilds,
> >peoples opinion changes of you, bigger towns, water in the dungeons.  
> >All sorts of good featurtes.  I found most Rogue-like games fun, but
> >actuall lacking in depth.  Come on, going into Rogue-like games, go kill
> >the boss is pretty much it.  At least IMoria adds more things todo(like
> >subquests).
> <rant mode="ironic">
> "Go kill the boss"... Of course it can be simplified to that. But then,
> every game can be simplified to something like that. :-) At least there is
> a lot to do while pursuing the ultimate mission. All modern games have a
> lot less depth than the average Rogue-like game. Especially if you don't
> look at the multiplayer facilities. What would Q3 be without multiplayer?
> A brutally simple kill-the-boss game with pretty gfx and no depth...
> </rant>

RPG's are closer for comparing Angband to.  In those games you have sub bosses, subquests, more then just magic(like techniques, etc).  Yeah it does have some more depth then say Unreal, but not Star Ocean or even Halflife.  At least when I first played I knew what the story was, and there was more built on that story then just "Oh no, A balrog was created, now kill him."  The Balrog doesn;t make a difference from what I can tell, except that you beat the game.

I personally do love these old classics.  They are some of the best to play.  I do find on problem in changing things is that is where do you draw the line to the point where it diverges too much from the stuff people are used to and love, that it isn't fun anymore.  I would hate to be a maintainer for something like this.  My regards to those who maintain these games.  The reason is I would make several different versions, just to test the new features, to see what grows on me, and others that are willing to help.  I would make it a long process so that it doesn;t loose what everyone loves about it.

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