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Lack of Tutorials

It seems to me that there is a lack of Articles/Tutorials on Linux Game 
programming on the LGDC site only about a dozen. I also know that a lot 
of you will disagree with what I am about to say, but I say it for the 
sake of Linux Game Development in General. First of all LGDC is the 
center of Linux Game Development is it not? So if a "Game Maker" comes 
to the LGDC site, they should be able to find the answers to the 
questions they have? People in game development are not like those of 
other programming fields. They do to a certain extent like to be hand 
fed information, they don't like having to scavenge for it (i.e. reading 
the code out of someone elses game). So what I propose is that we write 
more tutorials.

There are many areas that short tutorials could be written, and there 
are many people on this mailing list who know the information to write 
such a tutorial. Very knoweledgable people who have written their own 
Linux games. I have two ideas about this the first one is that on the 
front page you have an area (similar to your polls) where people could 
ask for SIMPLE tutorials on certain subjects. These questions could be 
then posted to this newsgroup after screening and someone could 
volunteer the information.

My second idea is that I personally will ask you to write some tutorials 
on areas that I think it is hard for programmers to get started in linux 
game programming. Please note that I may actually know some of this info 
I just can't write all this myself and not all of them are Linux 
specific but they are gaming questions.

How do you scroll the screen in whatever graphics lib?
How do I play sounds?
How do I get sounds to synchronise with my game?
How do I mix sounds together?
How do I play music in my game?
How do I animate sprites?
How do I store and load sprites from disk?
How do I do collision detection (applies to 2D and 3D)?
How do I do simple game AI?
How do I do a tile based map in 2D?
How do I store my tiles on disk?
How do I draw my sprites?
How do I draw my Tiles?

I could go on forever but I would feel my time is wasted if no one picks 
up on this.

And it would also be good to seperate or show what level a tutorial is 
aimed at for instance

1. I Know nothing
2. Can barely program/draw/design
3. Beginner
4. Intermediate
5. Expert

Don't knock the number 1's and 2's as these may with help become better 
at making games than even you.

I wait for your reply

Richard James

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