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Re: Licensing & legal stuff

Francesco Orsenigo <xarvh@lombardiacom.it> writes:

> I'd like to distribute my game under GPL.
> What shall i do to make this effective?
> Where i must declare this, and where shall i show it in the program?
> Shall i include a copy of the GPL in each downloadable package?
> Shall i declare "this is protected by GPL" in each of my source files, maybe 
> followed by a disclaimer like "i take no responsability ...." etc?
> I found nowhere articles covering this aspect of games...

Have a look at the GPL itself, it contains a section "How to Apply
These Terms to Your New Programs"[1], which explains basically what you
need to know. In addition you can also mention in your README that all
datafiles, images, sounds, etc are also covered under the GNU GPL.

[1] http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html#SEC4

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